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Mission: of the V.A.C.M.I. is to Connect ministries together, to help facilitate communication and cooperation, to work for the unity of the Body of Christ in the world and to multiply the power of the Spirit particularly among those who share a common purpose according to John 17:20-21 and Ephesians 3:14-19.




 V.A.C.M.I. also takes care of solving life problems from the Word of God (Proverbs 4:20-22) by providing items (Mission) as a united vision for joining together in VACMI. We are all about Jesus, and our mission is to fulfill His final request on this earth




 "To get the Mission accomplished, we need to uphold each other in faith to work as a team! Together we can achieve the extraordinary. "What can we do better together, than separately?" is a question that is central to all we do at the V.A.C.M.I to accomplish the vision."




Consider joining the Victorious Army of Christ Mission International, also tell others about V.A.C.M.I and encourage others to join us! 



 V.A.C.M.I. welcomes organizational members, such as churches, missions, ministries, and Christian organizations, as well as individuals regardless of race, religious background, gender, social or financial status, or personal struggles.





 Any born-again Christian from an evangelistic Christian denomination or inter-denominational who shares the organization's vision can join V.A.C.M.I. a candidate must fill out and submit a membership application (enclosed).



 "Members must entirely adhere to the ministry's statutes and doctrinal beliefs (Article 3 of the bylaws). All members are expected to participate actively in the achievement of the organization's objectives and to support the ministry through prayer, spiritual gifts and expertise, as well as offerings and gifts. 




Our Purpose for organization


Supporting each others



The goal of this organization is:

-To reach the whole world with the word of God according to the Supreme order of our Lord Jesus Christ.

-To plant Churches in communities to bring people who don’t know Jesus Christ yet and new believers as well as old to maturity and to equip them to reach their neighbors, friends, and relatives for the Lord.


At the end of our earthly lives, the majority of God’s children are unfulfilled with their vision.

The lack of moral support, effective training and sharing of experiences among others are reasons why we are failing.  

 Today, there is a great need for Christian leaders to overcome the personal, cultural, and national barriers  for the effective communication of the Good News to people around the world. This is a great challenge for  leaders in churches, organizations and in the society in general.  We have a program by which churches and ministries can affiliate with us. We take the time to teach leaders who  agree to abide by our precepts and work with us


 For this purpose, we plan to organize an annual international conference for representatives from every country  in which V.A.C.M.I. is operating and for all Christian leaders with a heart for evangelism.  


VACMI will support all the churches and ministries that are affiliated with her by serving ministries in need  of conferences, spiritual revival and evangelization by arranging and sending a man of God especially for the  event as a the speaker. VACMI will also work with missionaries that are ready to work but have no way to get in  touch with ministries by bringing them in contact with one around the world wherever it is needed.


We will be a  gateway for many ministries to assist them fulfill their visions. We believe strongly that the body of Christ will  impact the world in a powerful way if we joint our experiences by supporting each other with our God given gifts of  Grace.


It is important to say that as much as we will support and give a hand to our partners with their missions  work and ministries, every church or ministry is responsible for his financial needs. Together we achieve the  extraordinary as a team!!!