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Mission: of the V.A.C.M.I. is to Connect ministries together, to help facilitate communication and cooperation, to work for the unity of the Body of Christ in the world and to multiply the power of the Spirit particularly among those who share a common purpose according to John 17:20-21 and Ephesians 3:14-19.




 V.A.C.M.I. also takes care of solving life problems from the Word of God (Proverbs 4:20-22) by providing items (Mission) as a united vision for joining together in VACMI. We are all about Jesus, and our mission is to fulfill His final request on this earth




 "To get the Mission accomplished, we need to uphold each other in faith to work as a team! Together we can achieve the extraordinary. "What can we do better together, than separately?" is a question that is central to all we do at the V.A.C.M.I to accomplish the vision."




Consider joining the Victorious Army of Christ Mission International, also tell others about V.A.C.M.I and encourage others to join us! 



 V.A.C.M.I. welcomes organizational members, such as churches, missions, ministries, and Christian organizations, as well as individuals regardless of race, religious background, gender, social or financial status, or personal struggles.





 Any born-again Christian from an evangelistic Christian denomination or inter-denominational who shares the organization's vision can join V.A.C.M.I. a candidate must fill out and submit a membership application (enclosed).



 "Members must entirely adhere to the ministry's statutes and doctrinal beliefs (Article 3 of the bylaws). All members are expected to participate actively in the achievement of the organization's objectives and to support the ministry through prayer, spiritual gifts and expertise, as well as offerings and gifts. 





Sponsorship Program 


You can Adopt a child with Any Amount a monthly, you can sponsor an orphan in  Africa. This monthly pledge will help a child go to school ,receive necessary medical treatment, and be a part of activities that will give him / her an opportunity to hear the Gospel.     Contact  Ms  Gozo Olga in V.A.C.M.I. Orphans Department Children today Office: Phone 614-375-2057. God bless you.  


As believers in Christ, we have so much to do for the orphans because  the orphans whom we are receiving and gathering become plenty due to:   -Women ,because they need money to support their families are having uncontrolled sex and they become pregnant .As it is not their will to have baby, after giving birth, they leave the babies at the road side who suffering to death. Children are destitute. Some of them are street children because they are out of school, no helpers, and no aids. - All of these tragedies are pushing young women and girls into prostitution, homosexuality and so many chaotic life styles  



   -Not forgetting the HIV/AIDS which is also producing a very great number of victims leaving families behind with no support. Orphans are at a great rate today . - Because of prostitution, children are abandoned not knowing their fathers, abortions every where. The rate of peoples who are going mad is increasing because children abandon are engage with drugs   - Not mention the plane crashes and the multiple accidents happening one after the other Every day we are receiving many orphans which make our orphanages full of children


Brothers and sister in Christ it is not easy so come and join us and together we can spiritually and financially help and save these orphans who are in needs and this for the Glory of our Lord. The bible says: Those that are in need should provided for and 1john 3:17 says but whoever has this word's means for supporting life and behold his brother having need and yet shuts the door of his tender compassion upon him in what way does the love of God remain in him