About Us

Victorious Army of Christ Mission International (V.A.C.M.I.) was organized exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes as specified in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

V.A.C.M.I. is a Christian Organization Affiliation of ministers and Ministries working together around the world in Christian unity and faith to fulfill our callings, to meet and discuss relevant issues, as well as, plan missionary, conferences and evangelistic endeavors.

V.A.C.M.I. will have close relationships with Churches,・Missions,・Ministries, and Evangelical Associations of Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania in order to create and reinforce a climate of Brotherhood, Love and constructive exchanges and anointment for the growth of the God’s Work.

 The specific purposes of this organization shall be:
- to worship and glorify God in an atmosphere of love, unity, and fellowship;
- to preach the Gospel to every nation, making disciples of Christ;
- to equip ministers for fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ;
- to save the lost and minister to their needs to the glory of God, and to restore the humanity and prepare the coming back of our Lord Jesus Christ.



We are the vineyard of God: According to Matthew: 20: 1-16; Luke 10:1-3

Victorious Army of Christ Mission International (V.A.C.M.I). is a missionary Organization related to the call received from God  (V.A.C.M.I) is God's vineyard; it is the only God's vineyard where God ministers accomplish their services on the five (5) continents to grow the body of Christ. The Founder is in US. It has been created in the United States, in Texas, in America and in the Republic of Togo a non profit making and apolitical Christian international evangelic organization called The Victorious Army of Christ Mission International is an organizational body which has many departments.We have women's and men's Association, Christian leaders communities and Youth team. We have taken upon us the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ (V.A.C.M.I) organization has a team vision in which the five (5) particular gifts and different gifts of the Holy Spirit are developed.  According to what God has freely given to every man: 1Corinthian 12:28; we will reach all in unity by faith in knowledge of the Son of God, unity in the Body of Christ. 


According to Ephesians 4:11-14; Romans12: 4-8, the servant chooses to direct his call to the vineyard of God.  According to Matthew 20: 1-16,in that (V.A.C.M.I) mission is to equip those that God sends , he will do his best to give the missionary minimum support according to the capacity of his servants.


To establish or help to establish living churches. Send missionaries into the vineyard, to give new directions to the prostitutes and other activities. our Organization is ministering at this moment among the prostitutes, the drug afflicted people (men, women, young ladies and young boys), among those who are fatherless and motherless (ORPHANS) in order to deliver them from their affliction and tribulation in which they are passing through and bring them to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the similar way, a network will be build to start twinning structures between (V.A.C.M.I) and different churches and organizations of other continents with the view to developing partnership relationship.
(V.A.C.M.I) is aware that the permanent worry of God since the fall of man is to redeem; that Jesus Christ has come to the earth to reconcile man with God, and that Jesus Christ will come back soon.


(V.A.C.M.I) defines itself as (God's Love) (Christ) for the nations.

 To this effect, the corporation may plant churches, prayer centers, Christian camps, institutions, and associations. Entities established or created by this organization shall be known under the name of "Victorious Army of Christ" (V.A.C.) and may have an additional name