Affiliate Member Advantage


VACMI Affiliate Member Advantages.
 Because of apostasy and heresy in the body of Christ, membership regulation is as follows:

 1- Churches or congregations that desire to affiliate with VACMI must examine carefully our rules, doctrines, purpose and our vision.

 The affiliate can have access for free through our Christian communication network including radio and TV for the diffusion of the Good News around the world. No fees will be charged.

V.A.C.M.I. will also help its affiliates to organize seminars, conferences, revival rallies, conventions, and crusades for this purpose. We will gather religious leaders with varied experience in missions and evangelism from across the world to speak, inspire, discuss problems, and aid every church in overcoming challenges that the Word of God may sometimes present.

 Each of these ministers brings a dynamic and challenging message from the heart of God.Leaders from every arena of the evangelical Church in the world are converging to:

• Discern how the Spirit is reshaping our understanding of evangelism and Mission today.
• Define the issues the Church is facing in the next decade.
• Determine next steps in proclaiming an understandable gospel to the nation and the world.
• Spend in small group "affinity consultations" with dialog and deliberation on the issues.
• Will include Gospel worship, celebration, and a challenge to the Church.
• We organize prayer for diverse involvement from every arena of the evangelical Church - women and men from different ethnicities, generations, and avenues of ministry bringing their perspectives to the table
helps affiliate churches by training their leaders in order to send them to mission,

But above all, the affiliate churches and organizations hold their autonomy even their names remain unchanged.
2- The 2nd side of affiliation is any other churches or organizations that are willing to integrate and change its name to VAC.
a. Its Pastor or leader will be supported by VACMI.
b. Further more the pastor will be receiving tithe of tithes like the Levites in the Bible.
 c. A monitoring committee will be established for faithful management of the church’s finances and business.
d. The pastor or the organization leader has no longer the authority to operate the church in receiving donations, revenues, offering and tithes by him alone or his family circle without a green light from the authorized committee.
e. The pastor should not be authoritarian.
f. The pastor must consider the opinion of the committee. Everything must be made by consensus.
3- Moreover, there will be other process that VACMI will consider to discuss with any desired affiliate church or organization at any time for faithful advancement of the kingdom of God’s work.
Once again, congratulation and welcome aboard.