Affiliate Member Program

 What program do we offer to our affiliate member?
 We have a program by which churches may affiliate with us. We take the time to teach the leaders who agree to abide by certain precepts and work with us. Most of the time, at the end of our earthly lives, it happens that the majority of God’s children are unfulfilled with their vision. What are the reasons?

 RESOURCES: Moral resources, effective training resources, experience sharing resources, and others.
 Today, there is a great need for Christian leaders to overcome the personal, cultural, and national barriers for the effective communication of the Good News to people around the world.


this is a great challenge for leaders in churches, organizations and in society in general. For this purpose, we plan to organize an annual international conference for representatives from every country in which V.A.C.M.I. is operating and for all Christian leaders with a heart for evangelism.

 The conferences will take place at various locations determined by the board of directors.


The event will be promoted through the word of mouth, our website and social networks, invitations sent to various churches, partner churches' channels, and online radio and TV. No fees will be charged but the participants will be responsible for their expenses (travel, hotels, and meals). Other expenses, such as venue and equipment rental charges, materials and refreshments will be funded through donations from the public and members of the organization.