Victorious   Army of Christ Mission International (V.A.C.M.I) is a Christian Organization;
 The creation of a Christian ministry, a missionary vocation in USA in America. and Africa, in Togo where are created of late a great number of different organizations of cultural nature, come within the scope of the great missionary commandment of our Lord Jesus  who while leaving this earth ordained his disciples  and he said unto them, go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature Mc 16:15. The Founder is in USA.

 Victorious Army of Christ Mission International (V.A.C.M.I) was created in Togo-West Africa in March 1999 and have been in Texas, U.S.A 2005 as a Christian Organization, for over years, VACMI people have been compelled to go into all the earth and make disciples. As international, vocational, marketplace, and relief workers, chaplains or interns, the opportunity to serve is expansive.

As a Christian Organization, with no economical and no political aim. VACMI is a Non Profit Organization and it is neither a Church, nor a sect.

It is and will be a MINISTRY MISSIONARY inter-denominational "Christian Organization".V.A.C.M.I has its headquarters in Columbus Ohio in the United States of America, and has branches around the world.