V.A.C.M.I plans to establish Special Technical Departments specialized in different domains to realize the following plans - v  -To assist prostitutes with healthy lifestyle

The program of evangelism is to win them for the Lord and by giving them a total deliverance. This department assist the ladies with healthy lifestyle and activities (anything they can do to be successful except commercial sex work) that won’t lead them back to their previous way.

v  -To organize and to develop social project.

This department has as a mission to alleviate unemployment in the midst of the body of Christ by fulfilling the social and economical projects. The creation of professional workshop centers, art and social centers and teamwork centers or social educational centers will be means to generate jobs.

v  -To create Christian printing and graphic houses

This department will be publishing Christian literature, prospectus, Christian journals about mission work to inform, to educate, to motivate to the body of Christ to and to deliver testimonies about the progress of God's .The printing house will be also in charge of Christian French/English book's edition and Christian libraries.

v  -To create Christian health centers

This department will help believers as well as non-believers with medical assistance and spiritually healing according to bible principles of divine healing.

v  -To produce and promote Christian music

 This department will help every devoted Christian to discover how to live a very deep personal worship life to better serve the body of Christ. This is also one way to discover hidden talents among the youth. This will promote positive self image because God want to give us a garment of praise instead of a demoralized spirit. Esaie61:1-3.

It is also in charge to organize of national/international concerts and seminars for THE YOUTH. The revelation of praise will be organized to make them aware of violence, use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs among youth.

v  -To help children/orphans

This department will focus on a safe, strong and positive future by teaching and investing in children lives according to the ways of God and to direct them to a life pleasing to Jesus Christ. Orphanages will be also established. 

v  -To equip servants of God, send missionaries into the harvest and establish living churches.

v  -To establish prayer centers, Christian schools and biblical schools.

v  -To create Christian communication network centers to broadcast the gospel (TV and RADIO) and make available tape/video cassette and Cd/DVD for teaching purpose and personal growth.