The spiritual code.


The spiritual code of the V.A.C.M.I Church. Beliefs What we believe motivates and inspires us each day. We believe that Jesus is the Christ, God incarnate. Because the lost people matter to God, He has come under human form to sacrifice, once and for all, that we could do not perish but have eternal life. That is what the foundation of our belief structure.  



The spiritual DNA  Discipline.


The spiritual DNA of the V.A.C.M.I Church "Our Genealogy bears much fruit" I am the vine, you are the branches: He that abided in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit,

Gospel quadrupled, and the "live" of V.A.C.M.I Church fundamental values, all are fuelling our call without compromise "Go!" when and where God led, and everything that we have belongs to God.

 The Great Commission.

The last words of Jesus before his glorious ascension into heaven have been provided as a commission to his disciples. This great Commission remains a command from a mandate to every believer in Jesus Christ . His great Commission is the call of the Christian and Missionary VACMI.

 Our Core Values.

 What we believe determines what we appreciate, and that we value demonstrates how we live. The V.A.C.M.I Church developed fourteen fundamental values which derive from our passion for Jesus. These fundamental values are the motivation behind the mission. 
Statement of Faith.

 What the V.A.C. Church believes is fundamental in its teachings on God and how he relates to us and how we bring everything back to him. Based on his written word, the Bible, we are obliged to serve God and the people of his world. We live and die by these words, and we believe that they provide the only life worthy of being lived, it undertakes to provide the King Jesus. V.A.C.M.I Church.

Discover why the V.A.C.M.I Church is blessed as one of the global leaders in the initiatives of implantation of churches and successful missions. Throughout its history, the V.A.C.M.I Church has been recognized by its views biblically based on specific precepts of the Christian faith