-If God gives you a vision and a burden for lost souls all over the world


- If you are trying to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the communities that are less evangelized with the intention to glorify God and to grow the body of Christ


-If you want to establish or need help to establish your own living churches; Church planting, implementation of Aid humanitarian actions, etc …


VACMI will give you a hand to fulfill your mission with our members in the field because we know that with combined forces as a team, we can impact the world and accomplish our calling for the glory of our Lord Christ-Jesus.


We will help any evangelical denomination who want our help to plant and multiply Living Churches in less evangelized communities and assist in planning their evangelism in order to establish living churches anywhere in the world.


N.W. For VACMI, the goal of planting Churches communities is to bring new as well as old believers to maturity and to equip them to reach their neighbors, friends and relatives for the Lord.


Therefore, the missionary must: - make a difference between « doing services » and « making disciples. » We are not planting Churches to do religious service but to make disciples. -train one or many believers who is (are) capable to lead a planted church after his departure. It is one of the most important objectives of any missionary of this organization. After his/her departure, the work he/she has started must continue therefore and it is necessary that he/she makes every effort to find one or many “Timothy” that he/she will train during the span of the mission.


If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us:  email  at: Victorious Army of Christ Mission International


P.O Box 513 Westerville, OH, 43086 U.S.A God bless you for the passion you have for the lost