International Youth Forum

International Youth Forum

The revelation of praise is organized in that way to continue to sensitize the youth against violence and against the using of stunning Warded off misbehaviors bind to alcohol; tobacco and drug consummation.


This revelation of praise will help the youth to respect the public properties by establishing groups for young men and women; adult and married ones.

Through teaching (education) and to develop some ideas to help the youth from different background of the society while having faith in Christ.

To promote positive image close to the youth who lose hope; unwell being and in discouragement.


To help to establish another group of youth; towards the youth himself by proposing another breath for their lives; a hope

Reassured youth who has his faith through the word of God and whose better point of reference is built for a better future.


To show hidden talents of younger groups of gospel God wants to give to the world a praising garment instead of a demoralized spirit Isaiah 61v1-3.


To teach the children and the youth ; who will take over the society of tomorrow by an effective system of teaching according to the ways of God, to help the prostitutes, the orphans and the widows etc. Isaiah58v 6-11 James v; 27 according to the word of God and to direct them on the ways that please the Lord Jesus Christ (Mathew 16v15, Mathew 28v18-20, Mathew 24v14