Our Mission



1. Evangelize and bring non-believer of a given community to Christ.


  2. Plant one or many church (es) in a given community.


  3. For this organization, the goal of planting a Church in a community is to bring new believers as well as old ones to maturity and to equip them to reach their neighbors, friends, and relatives for the Lord.


 4. Therefore, the missionary must make the difference between « doing services » and « making disciples. » We are not planting Churches to do religious service but to make disciples.


 5. Train one or many believer who is (are) capable to lead a planted Church after his departure.  


i)   It is one of the most important objectives of any missionary of this organization. After the departure of the missionary, the work he/she has started must continue. It is therefore necessary that the missionary makes every effort to find one or many “Timothy” and train them during the span of his mission. Intercessors have the mission to pray for breakthrough in every domain and serve the Universal Church in the World Evangelism.


 ii)  If a minister or missionary does not train any person who could lead the Church after him, he has failed his mission, even if he would have established prayer camps and centers, a Church, or if he would have brought many souls to Christ.


 iii)   Continue to share the Gospel to unbelievers of the area in which he/she is serving.


 iv) For this organization, one of the best strategies to share the Gospel in a community is to involve believers in evangelism rather than trying to do it oneself.


 v)   Therefore, it is commendable to continuously emphasize on the role that every member of the body of Christ must have in sharing the Gospel to unbelievers.


 vi) Aims are also solving life problems through the Word of God and through humanitarian actions. (Proverbs 4v 20-22) Missionaries are sent by the churches not only to announce the gospel but also to help people among whom they are living. How are they living? What is their action (Jeremiah 29v 7, James 2v 16


6)  Connecting ministries together to facilitate communication and cooperation to multiply the power of the Spirit Particularly among those who share a common purpose.