Report of Mission Trips

 Report of Mission Trips Reports collected from our missionaries calls for city wide crusades to bring back revival to cities and in small towns. We are planning Leadership crusades and Ministers conferences. Fellow brothers and sisters, churches, mission organizations, there is much to be done in this mission field.


We are limited to carry out this work and we are looking forward to your partnership to reach out to us in the city wide crusades. We need your support in the following ways. We need musical equipment. We are also need Holy Bible in the natal languages Your support will help us to fulfill this purpose of mission preach the word God to all nations.




There is a great economic challenge to the missions in most Asia and Africa countries, because of poverty. Many of the ministers of God are really struggling to do the work of God because many cannot afford to feed their wives and children. Some of them cannot afford their children high school fees.


The picture below is some the churches our missionaries are stationed. We need your help to build them more decent worship halls or chapels for these communities. Beside good church auditoriums, they also need church equipments, good source of energy, We also need Bibles in the natal languages and its environment in order to assistance them to read and understands.


It is a pity that the souls who we leading to salvation do not have bible or read them because most are uneducated who are unemployed. Few who have some sort of job work in other people's farms to earn less than $ 1 dollar a day the average bible cost $12 so they cannot afford.