Sponsor Prostitutes Ministry

The Problems We are Facing


The ministry for prostitutes excites a financial help as VACMI is not able to fully support them financially. At the moment, we are assisting about ….. Many of them were drug addicts living in ghettos.


The saddest part is that before VACMI came to their aid, pregnant women had to use crook method such as broken bottles to cut umbilical cords of their babies because they could not afford hospital bills. Babies of these women were constantly subjected to second hand smoking or drug use since their mothers were ignorant of health hazards associated to such exposures.


Financial aid remains the major bottle neck to the success of VACMI. This is the mission’s main challenge because without blending the physical needs to the spiritual needs as Jesus Christ Himself did to 5000 peoples, we might help but many of them might still go back.




In spite of financial difficulties, we are not discouraged, we are still helping them spiritually (the teaching of the word of God that will make them less vulnerable to desires of the flesh, also direct them to the way that can please God.


Brothers and sisters it’s very sad if you happen to meet these beloved sisters face to face sharing their stories explaining the circumstances that led them into prostitution.


These Sister children of God need our help to alleviate their sufferings from; hunger, no clothing, no place to sleep and lack of education. Who will help them out? Our little donations of $10, $20, $50 or $100 can make a difference in the lives of these women. They need our support for clothing, food, vocational training, books and good education. Join us today to transform the lives of these precious children of God for good. What we do is only possible because of gifts like yours make all the difference for so many in company with your helps allow us to sent and to fulfill this calling of Jesus in all the earth.Please Support Our Cause Click here


Donors can attribute their gifts into winning prostitutes souls for the Lord. The ministry for prostitutes excites a financial help. We urgently need your help with a key component of this Mission Critical.