( Equipping Believers for the Great





The purpose of this application form is to provide the believer who is called into the ministry a legal recognition or endorsement that will enable him to carry out legally his calling as a minister of the gospel, with or without the covering of Victorious Army of Christ Mission International, Inc.



1. To be issued a credential by V.A.C.M.I .in order to act legally as a minister of the gospel, one must prove:
• He/she is a born again believer.
• He/she is truly called by God into the ministry.
• He/she has received an adequate ministerial training.
2. To continue enjoying the privileges of holding a ministerial license issued by V.A.C.M.I, .One must:
• Always be in good standing with the biblical teachings in belief, practice, and living.
• Yearly renew his license
Application form procedures for ministerial credential

Before filling out this application form, follow carefully these instructions. Your application will only be accepted upon meeting all requirements
1. Read entirely the constitution and the by-laws, of this organization.

2. Fill out this application by answering clearly all questions. Use other sheets when necessary.

3. Obtain a letter of recommendation from your spiritual father or your pastor and send it along with your application. Enclose a copy of all current credentials (ordination, permit, license...) along with this application form.

4. If you are applying for ordination, enclose a non-refundable amount of $ … check in your application packet
5. If you are applying for license, enclose a non-refundable amount of $ …… check in your application packet

6. Be aware that, the annual license renewal fees are set for $ …. This renewal fees may be re-examine by the credential committee if necessary.
7. Mail your application to the Credential Committee VICTORIOUS ARMY OF CHRIST MISSION INTERNATIONAL: P.O. Box: 513 Westerville, OH 43086