Mission Critical

Mission Critical Ministry for Prostitutes

Winning prostitutes’ soul’s  desire of  for the  Lord.

 Some of the  discoveries we made so far from the prostitutes work are:

 The divorce of parents are causing so much damage to the youth . Since youthful age is an age where they have experices and   desire for so many things, they are also easily attracted  by the things people offer them and get distracted into this bad life style.

 1. Some said they are engage in prostitution against their personal will, and others said because of deception they experienced in their previous relationships is believed to be the major cause, or they were unable to overcome stress, as victims of divorce parents.

 2. Other also said they were caught up in prostitution because of marital unfaithfulness.

 3. Some of the youths who are into prostitution, said lack affection from their parents, which they found in friends made them practice what they do. And since they were attracted to their friends by their affections they could not resist when they were introduced to prostitution.

 The serious part of it all is that, some are possessed by demons spirit and witchcraft which use to have sex with them in their sleep and promote their prostitution business at a higher level.
 During the interview, you can easily detect that they are not happy at all when they come to themselves. It is because they are bound by demons.

 It is miserable and deplorable when you are hearing these words from their own mouths.
 One young pregnant lady once told us that because of the sex work she does not know the father her unborn child, so she had to work harder (sleep with more men to gather so money before she delivers). These testimonies are very heart breaking and we need to do something about it for the Lord.
The ugly things that goes on around the world 
Read carefully what they have told us
Some ladies told us that they want to complete the did not intent to drop out school but they don’t have anybody who can help them to pay their school fees. The only way they think they could get money is to leave themselves for men. Some of them wept bitterly when talking to us because they regretted for their involvement in this discrediting and pitiful business. Others also said that they are tired of having sex every day, and are willing to abandon this life style or business, if they get the opportunity.

 One story that touched most of us was a lady of 20years old who told us about how she introduce herself into prostitution for money to complete her high school course. Brothers and sisters! It is very, very sad, and melancholy, despondent gloomy to hear.

 Most ladies said they have to indulge in shameful business to help their siblings through high school education. They had to devote themselves to prostitution and all the ugly things that go with it.
 Some of them said they became single mothers because their husbands passed away and the children are depending on them and as they don’t have any means to pay for their children’ school fee they had to gave in to addiction and prostitution and get money to feed their children.

 Some of the women, because of lack of accommodation (they don‘t have where to live), they remain under obligation to live with their neighbors who introduce them into prostitution.
Horrible example
 Let me give you this horrible example; a girl of 17 years old told us that she had to live with her aunt when she lost her parents in an accident. Due to physical abuse and maltreatment she was subjected to, she was compelled to run away from home for the street at the mercy of men. She was raped on several occasions by a group of young men. Having confided in her friend, she encouraged her and also consoled her. In an attempt to help her, she rather introduced her to prostitution and drug addiction.

 It is very sad that precious women of God gave up themselves to the prostitution, indeed lack of knowledge my people perish (Hosea 4:6). After many questions, we received almost the same answers; " we don’t have anybody to support us financially so the only way thought we could meet our basic needs(food ,money clothes, bills ) is through prostitution’’.

What We Do For Them
 The bible says "prostitutes don’t have their place in the kingdom of God but they are for Satan or hell’’. VACMI is committed to fighting against prostitution by teaching victims the word of God.

 Our evangelism program among prostitutes is to win them for the Lord and by giving them a total deliverance. We also counsel them and engage them on other activities which cannot put them in danger anymore. While helping them restore their stolen dignity, we also support them with their personal needs in various ways: medical expenses, children education, logging, food etc.
The Problems We are Facing
 The ministry for prostitutes excites a financial help as VACMI is not able to fully support them financially. At the moment, we are assisting about ….. Many of them were drug addicts living in ghettos.
 The saddest part is that before VACMI came to their aid, pregnant women had to use crook method such as broken bottles to cut umbilical cords of their babies because they could not afford hospital bills. Babies of these women were constantly subjected to second hand smoking or drug use since their mothers were ignorant of health hazards associated to such exposures.

 Financial aid remains the major bottle neck to the success of VACMI. This is the mission’s main challenge because without blending the physical needs to the spiritual needs as Jesus Christ Himself did to 5000 peoples, we might help but many of them might still go back.
 In spite of financial difficulties, we are not discouraged, we are still helping them spiritually (the teaching of the word of God that will make them less vulnerable to desires of the flesh, also direct them to the way that can please God.

 Brothers and sisters it’s very sad if you happen to meet these beloved sisters face to face sharing their stories explaining the circumstances that led them into prostitution.

 These Sister children of God need our help to alleviate their sufferings from; hunger, no clothing, no place to sleep and lack of education. Who will help them out? Our little donations of $10, $20, $50 or $100 can make a difference in the lives of these women. They need our support for clothing, food, vocational training, books and good education. Join us today to transform the lives of these precious children of God for good.

 It is has been our prayer that God will send people like you who have compassion to give us a hand to accomplish this important mission for our Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians, we know that the love of God made him to send Jesus Christ to all Nations of the world. It is our turn to demonstrate to God, how much we love him. Remember "if you do it for your brother or sister you did for me.

 We can really make a difference in their lives. Join us today to make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate beloved in Jesus Christ. We found out that those of the prostitutes need the love of God, and they really need us to demonstrate this love. The bible says "A new commandment I give unto you that ye love one another; as I have loved you that ye also love one another, By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another" John 13.34-35.
Our Lord Jesus said in Matt 5:13-14 "You are the salt of the earth". God is asking us to produce an intensity of the existence of salt in their lives. It is our duty to demonstrate it. It is the voice of God as light.

 Again we are asked to bear fruits in the world, In John 15; 16-17 so let us bear fruits by bringing these prostitutes into the Kingdom of God because among these prostitutes, are great women of God, Evangelist, Prophetess, Teachers, Pastors even Apostles and good counselors. Even some of them are saying, they want to serve God but is as if their lives are among thorns; what are we going to do to save our sisters who do not have the same opportunity like us? Gal. 6:2 says we have to carry our sister’s burden so as to complete the law of God as Jesus did it for us.
Results of Uncontrolled Sex among Prostitutes
 Some of the women we talked to said; they sometimes act carelessly and get pregnant.
 If this happens, they try abortion first, but if they were unsuccessful, and knowing that
 none of the men they slept with will accept not responsibility of a prostitute’s child. As they were not prepared to make babies, they leave the babies by the road side for adoption in orphanages or suffer to death if they are not found on time.

 As believers in Christ, we have so much to do for these orphans such as feeding, clothing, providing good education and training them in fear of God.

The picture below shows some of the destitute Children VACMI is working with to restore hope and joy in the lives. They are mainly street children ages 8 and above. Bad governance and poor economic situations in some African and Asian countries can be blamed for these causes, which are pushing young women and girls into prostitution, homosexuality and so many chaotic life styles of our generation. Not forgetting HIV/AIDS, which is also producing a very great number of victims leaving families behind with no support.

 Orphans today are increasing at an increasing rate because of prostitutes are abandoning their children every day without knowing their fathers. The unfortunate situation here is that street children are more vulnerable to bad life style (prostitution, drug addiction etc.) than their counterpart living with their parents.
 Every day we are receiving many orphans, which put pressure on our orphanages, which have already exceeded their capacities.

 Brothers and sister in Christ, the mission work is really challenging so join us and together we can spiritually and financially help and save these orphans who are in need to Glorify our Lord. The bible says: Those who are in need should be provided for and 1John 3:17 also says; but whoever has this word's means for supporting life and behold his brother having need and yet shuts the door of his tender compassion upon him in what way does the love of God remain in him.

 These children are suffering from hunger, clothing, and lack of education. Who will help them out? Our little donation of $10, $20, $50 or $100 can make a big difference in their lives. They need food, clothing, books and good education. Join us today to transform the lives of these children for good.

 Our organization has a department made up of dynamic personalities who are mobilizing any resource they can lay hands upon in taking charge of the needed in the mission field; equipments, source of energy, orphanage facilities, educational materials, and finance.