Volunteers are needed to join and equip believers for the great commission of our LORD Jesus Christ. There’s a place for you in God’s family since we all have different gifts. So mark your calendar to serve in the Station of God according to the grace given to you.

We are more efficient as a team because we can combine the strength of different gifts to have much more power to achieve the work of God and create humanitarian action .

This is a program for all Christians. We need many volunteers to make this program successful. If you would like to volunteer and to be part of the team as a worker, please return this form with your contact information.

Active members: The active members are people involved in the work as worker of Christ for the salvation of souls by promising to serve the Lord with love and zeal in transparency and devotion in order to obtain key positions such as Board Member and reach the objectives of the VACMI ministry.


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Ministries workers: the Ministries workers are leaders with varied leadership experience in missions and evangelism, teaching seminaries, conferences on high bible items (Mission) with one vision to join and equip the church for the great commission of our LORD Jesus Christ and Create humanitarian actions.

Active Missionary: An active minister or missionary is a member of the Victorious Army of Christ Mission International who works as minister or missionary of the organization in a given country. Available positions:

Sympathizing members: or partners are any persons or foreign Christian organizations that will support V.A.C.M.I. spiritually, financial, technical and material participation even if they cannot contribute with their time. to know more Click here….


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